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At the Old, Abandoned Factory

A photo session with blondi2honey:

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Japan Pictures

Album the first: pictures taken in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hakone, in which you’ll find streets, temples, strange fish, even stranger foodstuffs, and other weird stuff.

Album the second: your truly sat in cafes and street corners and took pictures of innocent passersby.

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Pictures from Here and There; Mostly There

Fall in New York

Veterans Day Parade, New York

Marching Orchestras at the parade

Fall in San Francisco

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Museum Animals

The British Museum is, in addition to all the usual praise one could pour upon it, a great place for testing a new camera. It is also, for some reason, filled with stone animals. I’m all for it.

Here are some samples (and here’s the full gallery).

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Long Exposure

Yesterday was a sad day, for reasons which shall be saved from my readers. However, on such days I usually find myself something else to do, in order to relax. In this particular case it was taking pictures. For example:


This picture, which looks somewhat unrealistic despite its absolute lack of photoshop treatment, is simply what happens when the camera’s shutter is opened for a whole 15 seconds, and the sun is already down (click on the picture in order to see a bigger version). Here’s another one:


The mysterious line of light is, in fact, a bicycle passing through.

And here’s my own version of the most famous long-exposure cliche:



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Winter Panoramas

Woke up, went up to the roof, took some panorama pictures. Then, despite being hue-blind, I did some color correcting. The results – here.

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A Split Personality


The above picture is a part of the “No Piano” video-clip. Notice how the Nir on the left and the Nir on the right are slightly fatter than the Nirs in the middle.

Here’s another one.


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