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A Split Personality


The above picture is a part of the “No Piano” video-clip. Notice how the Nir on the left and the Nir on the right are slightly fatter than the Nirs in the middle.

Here’s another one.


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A spontaneous video taken by the fabulous Merdi at the Nir Space Station, of me demonstrating my vocal-loop act. In full-HD, too!

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Rubbadub Style

…and that’s the new King&Nir videoclip.

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Happiness is Real

Ilanit Tadmor is a dancer and choreographer with whom I’ve been working and performing for about ten years now. Our new show, Happiness is Real, now has its own website. Check it out!

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King&Nir in the Jerusalem Post

Right here!

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One Man Band

The most common question I hear, when asked about being a musician, is “what’s your instrument?” In my case, the answer isn’t that simple. I have to explain what’s the difference between a vocalist and a singer, and how a man can become a one-man-band without using even a single musical instrument. Therefore, in order to simplify all that, I’ve prepared a demonstration video-clip.


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