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A Musical Instrument for the Cellular Age

I’ve just released an I’ve written, which makes a musical instrument out of your Android phone . It’s called SoundSurf, and it converts your hand-movement – or, in fact, the rotation of the phone – into a sound. If you know the old electric instrument called Theramin, this one’s quite like it.

You can use it to create weird stuff to add to your music. You can also use it to annoy your neighbors.

Get it here. It’s free!

Update: a new guerrilla ad I’ve created for the application, using merely a bit of imagination and some brute force upon my co-workers:

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The Fnools are Among Us

I feel that it is my duty, as a citizen and a person, to report the invasion of the Fnools. They are here. They hide in plain sight. And they have a terrible, horrible weapon.

You can hide, but you can’t run.

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Money for Nothing

How many times have you paid nothing and got something back? Now you’re offered the unique opportunity : pay something and get Nothing back!

I’ve just created a new mobile phone application – which does Nothing whatsoever. I’m selling it on the Android Market for 0.99 US$. Buy it and help prove that Nothing is indeed worth Something!

Find it, in the Market, by searching “Nothing Nir”. And here’s a Link, too!

Update: Ynet, Israel’s biggest news site, dedicated an article to Nothing.

Update: Due to the success of the original, I created Nothing Pro, retailing 9$. It does Nothing much more efficiently.

Update: Nothing serves, somehow, to deliver right-wing propaganda. This rather surprised me!

Update: Lavie Tidhar sums it up quite nicely.

Love & War

A short stop-motion video I created several months ago caught the attention of the editors of Ms.Use magazine. Now, in a slightly longer version, it serves as a commercial for their new issue. Check it out – and make sure your speakers are on!

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Careful Driving

Here’s another silly little stop-motion video by myself. Bon-apetit!

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A simple idea: enter a word, send it to google-translate, get it back in 8 languages, send all the resulting words to google-images, show the results. Go!

(What else will this guy invent? Well, wait and see…)

Update: an article in Israel’s leading newspaper, ynet: here

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Alien vs. Predator – a Love Story

Yet again, uncle Nir is having almost innocent fun with his toys.

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I Love the Smell of Mash-up in the Morning

Apocalypse Now. Middle of the night. The Nir Space Station Studio. Lack of sleep.

The result: here.

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Once Upon a Time, in Iran

Me and my younger brother, 1977 or so, Iran:

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It’s Not Easy, Being Green

Yesterday we turned my living room into a shooting set for a video-clip. Until the final result is ready, here are some making-of pictures:

A green screen


A green lantern


Who are you calling “a zombie”?!


Who? Don’t answer! Don’t answer, I say!


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