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I Love the Smell of Mash-up in the Morning

Apocalypse Now. Middle of the night. The Nir Space Station Studio. Lack of sleep.

The result: here.

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No Piano – Clip

Directed, shot and edited by myself, with a bit of help from a good friend.

Here’s a direct link to the clip in YouTube, where it can be watched in full-HD.

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A Split Personality


The above picture is a part of the “No Piano” video-clip. Notice how the Nir on the left and the Nir on the right are slightly fatter than the Nirs in the middle.

Here’s another one.


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A spontaneous video taken by the fabulous Merdi at the Nir Space Station, of me demonstrating my vocal-loop act. In full-HD, too!

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Rubbadub Style

…and that’s the new King&Nir videoclip.

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Less than Freedom

Less than Freedom
is a part of a King&Nir live session at the Nir Space Station. Having felt that it’s a bit spacey, I created a small clip for it, made entirely out of real NASA space program footage taken from YouTube. Gotta love YouTube.

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King&Nir – Rubbadub Style

Here’s the latest King&Nir track, hot hot hot, straight from the oven we call “a studio” or rather “The Nir Space Station”. Soon to become a clip, this piece of music was recorded live while the cameras were trained on us. Fun fun fun!

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King&Nir in the Jerusalem Post

Right here!

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Mad Cow

I’ve just wrote, composed, arranged and recorded a song about a cow. Check out, therefore, King&Nir’s new summer hit – Wonder Cows!


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Get off that Roof!

Just finished working on King&Nir’s first video-clip, shot mostly on the roof just above the studio, aka The Nir Space Station. Watch it here.

Update: the clip now appears in the official blog of Electro-Harmonix – an audio-effect manufacturer – as a demonstration of the equipment used while making it.


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