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The 360 Degree Jam

This 360-degree video of our latest jam session is best watched on the YouTube app on your phone or tablet (click here). Try it!

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Funk Another Day – Drum Recordings

The following videos were taken during the recording sessions of my new album, Funk Another Day. This album will feature voices and drums, and nothing else. The sound is, of course, far from being the final mix. Fun fun fun!

Recording session #1, featuring Karen Teperberg:

Recording session #2, featuring Avi Barak:

Recording session #3, featuring Ohad Bolotin:

Recording session #4, featuring Karen Teperberg:

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Close Encounters of the Third Rewind

Today I found out that my new synthesizer is somehow related to aliens. It goes like this:
The new synth is a reconstruction of an old machine named Odyssey, by a company called Arp. That company is long gone, but back in the seventies it was one of the biggest, most famous synth manufacturers. So big that an anonymous film director, let’s call him Spielberg, chose its big synthesizer as the music instrument to play the alien tune in that low budget film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Since the synth was a big machine, Arp sent to the movie set, along it, a technician to take care of its installation. That technician, one Philip Dodds, got immediately cast as the synth player in the movie, and can be seen in the alien spaceship communication scene, which is one of my all time favourites.
I found all this in Wikipedia. And here’s the scene:

Having learned this, I couldn’t stop myself from Sweding (see “Be Kind, Rewind”) the scene, using my new, reconstructed synth. So there:

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The Hunt for Red Octaver

Here are the results of a slight silliness this very afternoon: vocal bass and distortion, vocal voices, absolutely non-vocal drums. Also a robot.

Tech stuff for bored musician and recording engineers:

Bass: voice+octaver pedal – Octamizer by Aguilar
Lead: voice+Logic’s AMP plugin
Harmony: voice+voice+voice+voice+voice

Thank you, thank you, you’re a wonderful audience!


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Space Jam

One morning at the Nir Space Station.

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Unrecognizable is a new album by a new band, Salvya. I’m on the bass. Here it is:

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Meanwhile, at the Nir Space Station

Uncle Nir enjoys playing his new analog synthesizer. The analog synthesizer enjoys playing its Uncle Nir.

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Merry Xmas!

Here’s a small Xmas tune by myself:

[mp3j track=”″]


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A Musical Instrument for the Cellular Age

I’ve just released an I’ve written, which makes a musical instrument out of your Android phone . It’s called SoundSurf, and it converts your hand-movement – or, in fact, the rotation of the phone – into a sound. If you know the old electric instrument called Theramin, this one’s quite like it.

You can use it to create weird stuff to add to your music. You can also use it to annoy your neighbors.

Get it here. It’s free!

Update: a new guerrilla ad I’ve created for the application, using merely a bit of imagination and some brute force upon my co-workers:

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Online Albums

For several years now I’ve been asked why I’ve never put my albums somewhere on the www for all to listen and enjoy. I always managed to dodge the question, using bad puns, silly excuses and, in one particular case, a fish-shaped helium balloon (don’t ask). But yesterday, for some reason, I’ve had enough, and thus I can now proudly present to you my two albums in fully-internetted form. Admittedly they’re both in Hebrew, but that’s actually an advantage: its a really good excuse for learning the language!

Album the first: The Universe in a Pita. This one is a science-fiction rock album, the first and probably only of its kind in Israel. It’s a power-trio (guitar, bass, drums) recorded live in my studio, The Nir Space Station, back in 2001. Originally it was supposed to be a part of a radio show, in which an Israel band is kidnapped from a show in the suburbs by angry aliens, after their manager lost them in an intergalactic card game. The show never took off the ground, but the album did. And even if you don’t know Hebrew, you’ll find a familiar piece there – our own version of HAL9000’s “Daisy, Daisy”.

Album the second: Funkapella. The only musical instruments used in this album are human voices and a drum-set. The voices serve, in addition to the obvious singing thingie, as bass, guitars, keyboards and whatnot. This project started even before “The Universe in a Pita” existed, but its completion took much longer. While the lyrics are, indeed, in Hebrew, it can be argued that vocal bass, guitars and keyboards speak in a more universal language.

Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? Rehabilitation is rather cheap these days.

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