Movie Man


This week we finished shooting my new short film, MicroTime – a slapstick comedy with a time machine. It was great fun – see for yourselves!



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Our Friends: The Machines

This was supposed to be a simple, 30 seconds promotional video for my new book. Well, it turned out to be not so simple, and about three times as long (a whole 90 seconds! Almost a feature film!), and so much fun to make that one could explode, if one hasn’t exploded already after eating way too much, et cetera et cetera. In any case, here it is. With robots!

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Just Another Day at the Office

Here’s the new short video I’ve created for the company I work for. Or is that the company which works for me? Anyway:

Script: Nir Yaniv, Roni Ben Aharon, Shai Kfir, Tomer Lichtash
Camera: Roni Ben Aharon
Music: Barak Igal
Visual FX: Nadav Tal
Auxiliary Team: David Broder, Tali Ben Haim
Produced, Directed and Edited by Nir Yaniv


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How I Lost My Keys

Yet another silly stop-motion animation by your somewhat humble servant.

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Love & War

A short stop-motion video I created several months ago caught the attention of the editors of Ms.Use magazine. Now, in a slightly longer version, it serves as a commercial for their new issue. Check it out – and make sure your speakers are on!

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Careful Driving

Here’s another silly little stop-motion video by myself. Bon-apetit!

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Capital Conspiracy

My short film, Conspiracy, will be screened this week at the Sci-Fi-London film festival. Which means I’m going there. Fun fun fun!

Actor Moran Kal takes the role of the student in the film

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Alien vs. Predator – a Love Story

Yet again, uncle Nir is having almost innocent fun with his toys.

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Here it is, my first film – Conspiracy – now with English subtitles:

Conspiracy from Nir Yaniv on Vimeo.

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Taking a Moving Picture

Here are some photos from the set of Conspiracy, a short film written and directed by myself. Photographer: Merdi, bless her soul.


Making it up



The script, the bloody script!


Uncle Nir is either threatening or directing. Or is it the same thing?


You go the low way, I go the high way…


Silence in court!



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